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How to plan your holiday?

A vacation is supposed to be a fun and refreshment from our routines. When planned well ahead, it will be a revitalizing break else it turns out to be a mood spoiler. Planning your holiday may be both rousing and confusing. There are few primary things you need to decide on before planning your holiday.

Choose the destination. Think on what you want to see and experience this holiday. Either it is a happening city life, relaxing beach life, adventurous sports and fun life or visiting ancient sites of historic significance. Next, the number of days you can spend and then the Budget. Apart from these primary factors, there are few other factors of concern like in and out connectivity to the place, any seasonal inconveniences, safety of tourists in the chosen destination.

Will you believe, if a city matches all the criteria and make your planning more easier and your holiday more exciting. It is the third most visited city in India after Delhi and Mumbai. It is called ‘Detroit of India’. Guessed right? It is Chennai!! A stunning city, with beautiful coastline and world’s first longest urban beach, melting pot of several cultures, magnificent metropolis with old warm charm and contemporary lifestyle is a perfect blend of modernity and traditional values.

Chennai, a happening city with comprising beautiful beaches, temples and heritage sites that speaks the cultural legacy and architectural excellence, Museum and art gallery showing historic value, birds and wild life sanctuaries, zoological parks, popular world class shopping malls, delightful multicuisine restaurants serving delicious food, fantastic theme parks and more. It is just the gist. To enhance tourism infrastructure has developed with many world class resorts, well furnished budget hotels for accommodation. Transportation is easy, affordable and well connected by roadways, railways and airways.

ECR will definitely be a high spot in everyone’s Chennai visit as it has assortment of attractions like accommodation with the quality and price you wish, relaxing beach life, restaurants, adventure sports, amusement parks, sightseeing all wrapped up in this place and readily available all the time.

Whoever, whenever, whatever and however plans a vacation, Chennai has everything to offer with such an ease and elegance which makes it an epitome of tourist places.

Visiting Chennai during the Festival of Lights and Fireworks

Diwali, a biggest festival that is celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a vibrant and colorful seven days celebration brightening up people’s mood. What if this state is visited during this fiesta and yes, number of other reasons to visit as well?

Travelling to capital city is like touring to a city full of dreamers and glorious sea coast and beaches, languorous network of glistening temples surrounded by exotic places. However travelling at the time of Diwali is not less than icing on the cake. We placed a higher priority on experiencing the diverse culture around us during festive. Since Chennai is a tourist destination and no surprisingly, it is well set up for tourists especially for devotees.

Resorts in ECR, Chennai

To make your trip more exhilarating, first thing that comes in mind after finalizing the places is accommodation. To pick up the best resort in this city will put a traveler in dilemma. To choose the best luxury resort, it is best to be in a location that is a beachfront and will be nice if it is a closer beach resort in ECR. Located nearby, satisfying all the requirements is Landmark Pallava. You will enjoy the relaxed and clean atmosphere here. At the time of diwali, you will get to see the tasteful decoration with all modern conveniences and to make your memories more alive with the beautiful sea facing view right on the seashore in ECR.

Sightseeing in Chennai

Wandering to different places would beyond doubt be a smashing experience, not just we could visit different shrines engraving the history in every corner but you will also get to see the amusement parks, Mahabalipuram, Pulicat, Chennai beaches and many more neighboring the city. Chennai is a home to some of India’s most pristine beaches with region’s seafood delicacies like Marina Beach, Covelong Beach and Elliot;s Beach. You will in addition experience a different take on usual life like the food, the populace, the scenery, the Beauty and most importantly the culture based shopping.

Culture and Cuisine

Chennai is identified for its art (Dance and Music) and especially many of the places in Chennai city have restaurants with great lip-smacking cuisines delicately spiced. Seeing the sights is free in most of the places, but you may still want to do some touristy things like taking a banana boat ride in Muttukadu, a visit to the Government museum to see the iconic bronze gallery from the 7th century to modern times.

The more you travel, the more you will discover. The illuminating lights, taste bud tingling sweets and sounds of the fireworks draw travelers from across the world for visiting this place during festive. It is the perfect location for this month at the time of diwali and the climate personally, love its warm, it’s contemptible, it has delicious food, eye-warming temples, lively people and enthusiastic. Chennai offers you a glimpse into its root during Diwali by making it a perfect holiday vacation and resting in a Luxury resort in ECR Road.