Celebrating Decade Years Of Hotel In 2024

Vacations Or weekend getaway , Dream for every family to take a break from the routine life and spend healthy time with family with a bash , but landing into a right resort needs a little planning & research for that wonderful time you could like to spend and make the most of the week end with you family . With my experiences and visit i thoughts to share a few tips which could help you to choose the best resort in the city keeping in mind the safety of your privacy with getting little spoilt for that fun filled weekend getaway .

Good resorts have all that fun filled service’s to spoil you and make your forget the routine tension filled life with exclusive spa’s , swimming pool , romantic ambiance , quick room services , in door games & out door games a full package to sheer fun filled week end or vacation . we have the super luxurious resorts to make you visit a memorable one . i have tried my best to provide you the easiest way to crack in to the best resort .

Check the location

For a great vacation or week end it is always good to do a little research on the location of the resort and nearby areas , Every hotel or resort will have a map on their web site which will be of great help to make you understands the property and nearby places of interest . You can approach the resort helpdesk for more information or get help form the friend from the local area if you have any. Who knows a little research can land you in the world of un-expected surprises and something unique.

Ask for better rates

This is an all-time mantra and never hesitate to ask for discounts or better rates , take an open approach directly with the hotelier on the best rates and packages who knows you may end up saving a few dollars for next vacation .

Next time you are planning a week end break out or a vacation with your family, check in with the land mark pallvaa resort, Mahabalipiuram surrounded with exclusive greenery and beach with luxury & serenity keeping in the safety & privacy, clean & neat swimming pool, multi cuisine restaurant to tumble you tummy, indoor and outdoor games to make you stay a very comfortable & memorable one.


Always have beforehand information on the distance of the property or resort from your landing destination & communicant clearly with the helpdesk if they have the facilities of pick-up or drop off in case of late night or early morning flights or train

Tech savvy

While making a booking with the resort do get a clear picture on the internet access & Wi-Fi spots to keep in touch with your loved ones & if at all you are in need of office meeting or webinars in case of any emergency. Without a good internet access you may fell cut off from the rest of the world

Sign up for Reward point

If you can get added advantage of free Wi-Fi , room upgrades , complimentary food & beverages with exclusive gift voucher , i don't see any reason why not to sign in for reward programmes ? Never let it slips your mind; grab it without a second thought.


A Perfect Day With Businessman At Landmark Pallavaa Hotel

Organising any event big or small, business or meetings, show cast a new product or Business development plans, the big common need is the good venue and a very big portion of budget is allocated for choosing the best venue, it sets the right tone of your event with the best of class amenities & a cool environment with mind blowing ambience to set the mood of your guest or attendees and making an event very successful.

A lot goes into the planning of the event and the venue plays the vital role keeping in mind the type of event , catering service , parking lots , ambience , environment , space , size of the event , rough estimate of guest or attendees and the amenities provided with in the venue . In this blog i have given a few guidelines to help you take a decision to corner on a best venue keeping in mind the basic need of any event.

Early is better

It is a better to book your venue well in advance of the event which gives you a breathing space to look on critical matters related to your event and venue like catering, parking, upholstery, furniture & fixtures and a good time to plan other materials & medium to host your event. I could recommend minimum of four to six weeks in advance.


Every event is different and need changes accordingly. An event with people or guest and attendees from other cities, plan accordingly keeping the traffic condition and peak hours in mind and have a clear arrangement for transportation with an agreement with the venue provider, for your guest & attendees to reach at time without any hassle. Provide the driving direction & maps for a better communication and easy navigation through GPS.

Lay Out

Get the illustrated floor plan of the venue beforehand to plan your activities & amenities required to carry out the event like , speakers , output points , AV points , stage , chairs & tables , registration point , snacks area etc. . Having a lay out plan will give you a clear idea and you may escape the hassle of visiting the venue again for organising your requirements.

Services & Amenities

Get a very clear picture of the basic services & amenities available at the venue with the venue provider for a better management. For examle does the venue have an in -house kitchen for preparing food or you have to depend on outside source for food & beverages. Check on the quality & taste of food well in advance because if the taste is not good it will give a very bad impact on the guest or the attendees spoiling the mood of the whole event . Cross check on the availability of chairs, tables, linens and other furniture's matches your requirement or not to avoid last minutes tension of arranging these things. Does the venue provide a cleaning crew or you have to make your arrangements. Check on all the electrical gadgets like Audio & visual equipment well in advance with the quality of the sound, otherwise it is better to arrange from other vendors.


Calculate the rough number of guest and check on the capacity of the venue, it could be very uncomfortable to accommodate 500 people to fit in to a 250 capacity hall or rooms. Have a clear check on the safety & security codes at the venue. Take a personal walk on the venue property & rooms about the maintenance & hygiene of the the room


Acoustics defines the sound quality at the venue; you have to consider and have a clear check because a very loud and unclear sound can spoil the whole show of the event, and even strain the hearing of the guest or attendees all through the event. The shape, size and dimension of the venue have to be considered very much to get the right sound quality to make the event resourceful.


This is a very important aspect which can't not be taken for granted as the whole mind set & mood depends on the ambiance of the venue. A bad interior and can send a negative impact on the guest & attendees. It is always better to arrange good decor from outside vendor if the venue provider is unable to give you the required richness for decorating the venue. The ambiance should very much match the event you are holding to get the desired results.


In today’s hi-fi & Wi-Fi environment it is very important to have a complete check on the electrical charging point and the strength of the Wi-Fi provided with in the venue for the best results if not it is always a good idea to get a supplement service to avoid slow down or blocked access. Every guest or attendee will have one or more device and will be happy and appreciate having plenty of charging points.

Cost & Flexibility

Last but not least do not get surprised by extra or hidden charges, it is better to get an itemised list of all potential charges when booking the venue. Do not go by the estimate offered by the venue, at times they may charge a load in & load out fees or other charges which may put you in difficult times at the final payment hours.

After Hours

Find the venue that offers or has the facilities for a after hour entertainment like Bars , fitness centre , indoor games , swimming pool to keep the attendees or guest to freak out after a meeting . Work out with the venue manager for special activity like art & crafts to make the event more joyful. I hope that the above guidelines will help you choose a good venue or resort to make the event you are organising a gala one . A one good venue in mind keeping the entire requirement in mind i could suggest you to have a peak into pallava resorts on ECR road with all the required amenities & cool environment.

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